ECCO Counterfeit Products

The fight against counterfeiting - A high priority for ECCO

In our endeavor to protect our highly valued brand, the fight against counterfeiting online as well as offline is a high priority to us.

By purchasing counterfeit products you do not only receive poor quality products - or receive nothing at all - you are also in risk of supporting unlawful activities such as crime networks and child labor.

We have dedicated Intellectual Property Team who continuously monitors the internet and does its utmost to have all counterfeit ECCO products removed from websites, online auctions, etc. Furthermore, a close cooperation with the Police and Customs help to ensure that counterfeit products are detected before reaching the market.


What to be aware of when shopping for ECCO products online:

We wish to ensure that you are satisfied with our brand. To reduce the risk of being deceived by counterfeiters who try to confuse you about the authenticity of the products, please take the below examples into consideration when shopping online as they may indicate that the site is selling counterfeit products.


  • Confirm that the site is secured. You should see "https://" before the web address.
  • Lack of sufficient contact information
  • Mix of languages and "Google Translations"
  • Product photos featured including shoe boxes
  • The links on the site are not working properly
  • You see options for buying in bulk quantities with discount incentives
  • The products are sold in peculiar prices such as $273.23 USD
  • The domain name contains words like discount, cheap, etc. e.g. www.cheapecco.com
  • No order confirmation received after purchase of products.

If you are unsure about a specific site on the internet, or have information about a site selling counterfeit ECCO products please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team. We take your inquiry and information very seriously.

You can call our Customer Service team at 00 90 212 317 67 00 or e-mail at: tr-info@ecco.com

We found four sites of ECCO counterfeit sites that are operating in TURKEY do not consider shopping from these sites:


Following is a list of ECCO counterfeit sites that you should not consider shopping from:

  • //www.dogworldnigeria.com
  • //www.eccostore.online
  • //www.sognodargento.com
  • //www.cheapeccoshoesoutlet.com/
  • //www.eccoo.shop
  • //www.eccoo.store
  • //www.thinkstudentgroup.org.au
  • //www.evening-pm.org/
  • //www.eccoshoesstoreoutlet.com/
  • //www.thistel.co.uk
  • //www.slimmm.com.au/
  • //www.eccozysnowboots.com/
  • //www.eccocup.com/
  • //www.eccoshoesoutlet.com/
  • //www.eccocup.com
  • www.russianhouselibrary.org.au
  • //thenavajolodge.com/ecco/
  • www.eccoonline2014.com
  • www.eccoretailoutlet.com
  • www.eccogolfshoessale.com
  • www.theeccoshoesoutlet.com
  • www.eccoshoesonlineus.com
  • www.eccoshoesstoreusa.com
  • www.eccoshoecenter.com
  • www.eccoretailstore.com
  • www.footwearlooking.com
  • www.footwearonlinemall.com
  • www.fridaycrazyshopping.com
  • www.oxfordhikingboots.com
  • www.eccoonlinesaleusa.com
  • www.eccoonlinesale.com
  • www.eccousaonlinesale.com
  • www.eccoshoescheap.com
  • www.eccoonlineshop.com
  • www.eccoonline.org
  • www.buybrandshoes.com/ecco-shoes-2
  • www.buycheapeccoshoes.com
  • www.eccoshoesretailstore.com
  • www.eccoshoeshotsale.com
  • www.eccogolfshoesstore.com
  • www.eccosandalsonline.com
  • www.eccousashoeoutlet.com
  • www.eccoshop.co
  • www.supplyeccoshoes.com
  • www.eccoshoeshotsale.com
  • www.theeccoshoessale.com
  • www.eccohotsales.com
  • www.eccoshoesusaoutlet.com
  • www.eccoshoesfashion.com
  • www.eccoshoeoutlet.com
  • www.lovecroxley.co.uk
  • www.cheapeccoshoesoutlet.com/