1. Selecting the products and adding to the basket
At this web site, http://tr.ecco.com/ (“Web Site”), you can conduct searches by entering key words to find the products you are looking for or have a look at the product selections as you browse from the main category to the sub categories on the menu. After selecting the color and size on the product page, click on “ADD TO BASKET” to add the product you choose to your shopping bag.
Later, you can view your basket by clicking on“MY BASKET”. You can remove or edit the items in your basket. You can see the VAT inclusive prices of all items in your basket.

2. Becoming a member
You have to become a member to be able to place orders on the web site. If you are already a member, you can complete your order by logging on to the site by using your name and password.
Click on the “REGISTER” button on the right upper corner of the web site and proceed to choose the “Member Registry” button on the pop-up window. On the Member Registry page that you will be directed to fill in the Name, Surname, e-mail address, Password, Password Confirmation, Gender, Date of Birth and Cell Phone fields. After reviewing the Privacy Policy and Web Site Utilization terms of ECCO, if you decide to agree mark the “I Read and Accept ECCO Privacy Policy and Web Site Utilization Terms” box and click “Finish” to become a member.
If you would like to be kept informed of ECCO sales, campaigns and news you can also mark the box next to the heading; “I hereby grant my permission for my personal data to be used and processed within the scope of ECCO Privacy Policy and for commercial electronic messages sent to me subject to the indicated terms.”

3. Buying (Entry of Payment and Delivery Information)
To continue to the payment stage click on “BUY NOW” after selecting and placing the products you will be buying in your basket. Enter the address or select a registered address to which you would like your order and invoice to be sent. For your invoice to be issued accurately and to avoid encountering any problems in delivery, make sure that the delivery and invoice information are complete.
On Payment and Confirmation Pages you can see the VAT excluded Price of the product, the VAT and the total amount payable. You can also review all the products included in your order, as well as the invoice and delivery addresses, and if you feel the need you can go back to the previous steps to make changes or change your mind about buying anything.
Choose the method of payment you prefer (Credit Card bank card, Pay Pal, BKM Express and Bank remittance/EFT). If you choose the Credit Card or Bank Card option, you will be required to enter your card information. After approving the preliminary information form and Arm’s Length Sales Contract, click on “CONFIRM ORDER”.
Upon entering your payment information correctly, a page showing that your order has been received will appear. This page contains your order number. Information regarding your order is sent to your e-mail address in the same manner.
In purchases made by using “ORDER CONFIRMATION”; it might become necessary for the Bank to contact the credit card owner via a telephone number and/or e-mail address registered in its systems for purposes of obtaining an approval regarding your order. If it is not possible to reach the credit card owner via the registered contact information your order could be canceled for purposes of ensuring the security of the credit card owner. For your order to be approved by the bank, your personal contact information available at your bank and registered at our site must be up to date.

4. Delivery Information
After the payment is received by the web site, the store dispatches the product within the supply time indicated and enters the courier information in the system. The courier information is sent to your e-mail address.
Later on you will be able to track your product through the MY ORDERS tab available on the My Account page or through the internet site of the courier company via the COURIER TRACKING NO.

5. Changing the Order Information (Cancellation of the Order)
Address or product change cannot be made after the order is completed. If you would like to change the address after your order is completed, you will be required to cancel your order and place a new one. To be able to do this, you can track your order’s status through the My Account page and cancel your order prior to its delivery to the courier service.

6. Safekeeping of the Contract
The Arm’s Length Sales Contract established between ECCO and the customer in regards to the product purchased and the preliminary information form accepted by the buyer are relayed to the same together with order confirmation e-mail. Moreover, these documents are maintained for a period of three years in the web site records as of the order date and presented to the related entity, establishment and buyer upon request. After the sale is completed, you will not have access to the arm’s length sales contract via the web site.

7. Privacy Rules
When you use the web site and perform a transaction, the privacy rules applicable to personal data you willingly provide (ex. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment card information) are indicated in the Privacy Policy to which a reference is made under each web site page. By using this web site you accept the provisions and terms of the subject matter Privacy Policy.
In specific periods and subject to your permission, ECCO may send you marketing and information messages via e-mail, sms and other methods. If you do not wish to receive these messages, you may remove your name from the notifications list by following the instructions available on any e-mail or other type of communication you receive from us.

8. Complaints and Recourse to Legal Means
If the Buyer has any complaints regarding the product, he/she will be required to submit the product subject to the complaint to one of the ECCO store`s adress that can find at tr.ecco.com as he/she orally relays his/her complaint. The Store Supervisor shall draft a memorandum regarding the product complaints and have the specialists conduct an investigation into the issue. Unless a decision is reached for the exchange, repair or refund of the product as a result of the inspection conducted, the product subject to the complaint shall under no condition be taken delivery of either by the Seller or the store employees.
If a dispute arises due to a consumer complaint, then an application can be made to the Consumer Arbitration Panels or Consumer Courts available at the place of residence of the consumer or the place of the transaction within the monetary limits set by the Ministry of Customs and Commerce. The monetary limits imposed on the authority of the consumer arbitration panels in resolving the disputes are as follows:
a) The upper monetary limit for the district consumer arbitration panels is 2,320 Turkish Liras,
b) The monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration panels in cities of metropolitan status is between 2,320 and 3,480 Turkish Liras,
c) The upper monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration panels in city centers of non-metropolitan status is 3,480 Turkish Liras,
d) The monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration panels in districts of the cities of non-metropolitan status is between 2,320 and 3,480 Turkish Liras.
For any disputes in excess of the limits indicated above, application to the consumer courts must be made in place of the consumer arbitration panels.